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Kaizen Intl is an organization built on Strong values and High Business ethics. The prime motto of Kaizen Intl is to deliver Industrial Consultancy that is objective, practical, customized, and measurable results to our clients in the realm of Infrastructure and Pre-Engineered and Pre-Fabricated Steel building systems.

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Industrial Land Identification

Your Investment, Our Expertise. We help you understand the dynamics involved, analyze any underlying risks and optimize your returns on investments

Statutory approvals

With Attention to Every Detail, our experienced consulting professionals provide extensive support, sharp attention to detail and a valued partnership you can count on - throughout the life of your project.

Environmental Clearances

From strategy definition to planning and operations - we are ambitious of creating value for clients with solutions that has Enhanced Sustainability & Positive Impact.

International Sourcing

We have access to diverse network to Procure Competitively from Global Markets of reputable providers and construction ecosystem to assure quality solutions at the best prices.

Landscape & Interior Design​

With Integrated and Comprehensive Solutions, we go beyond Industrial land identification, take the time to understand the specifications of the space, creating features that match your budget, needs, and aesthetics.

Site Planning

From site planning, elevations to detailed As professional industry consultants - we formulate ideas, evaluate design concepts and move towards your project design. We Articulate & Defined Goals to Accomplish Your Vision.

Pre-Fabricated Building Construction

We work closely with architects and designers to align your vision with our fabrication method. We coordinate all the information and assure manufactured precision with Efficient Processes & Accelerated Schedules.

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An industrial consultant can provide expertise and guidance to organizations in a specific industry. They can help with issues such as process optimization, cost reduction, and compliance with regulations. Additionally, they can provide valuable insights and recommendations for improving operations and increasing efficiency. They can also help companies identify new market opportunities and develop strategies for growth. In short, an industrial consultant can provide the knowledge, experience, and resources that an organization may lack in-house, helping them to improve their bottom line.

National sourcing refers to the process of purchasing goods and services within the same country. This can involve sourcing from suppliers within the same region or from suppliers located throughout the country. The goal of national sourcing is to minimize transportation costs and lead times, while also supporting domestic businesses and potentially reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain.

International sourcing refers to the process of purchasing goods and services from suppliers located in other countries. This can involve sourcing from suppliers in a single country or from suppliers located in multiple countries. The goal of international sourcing is to access a wider range of products and services at potentially lower costs, while also capitalizing on the strengths of different economies and cultures.

Both National and International Sourcing can involve the use of intermediaries, such as sourcing agents, trading companies, and freight forwarders, to help navigate the logistics, regulations, and cultural differences involved in cross-border trade.

Cost-effective: Pre-engineered steel buildings are generally less expensive than traditional buildings made of brick, concrete, or wood. The use of standardized components and efficient fabrication processes can significantly reduce construction costs.

Quick construction: Pre-engineered steel buildings can be erected quickly and with minimal labor, which can save time and money.

High durability: Steel is a strong and durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and natural disasters. It also requires less maintenance than other building materials.

Versatile design: Pre-engineered steel buildings can be designed to meet a wide range of needs, from simple storage sheds to multi-story buildings. They can also be easily expanded or reconfigured as needed.

Energy efficient: Steel buildings can be designed to be energy efficient, with features such as insulated walls and roofs and high-efficiency lighting systems.

Environmentally friendly: Steel is a recyclable material and steel buildings have less waste during construction than traditional buildings.

Low foundation cost: Pre-engineered steel buildings typically have a lower foundation cost than traditional buildings, as they require smaller and simpler foundations.

Low insurance cost: Due to the strong and durable nature of steel, insurance companies offer low rates on insurance for steel buildings.

Easy to relocate: Pre-engineered steel buildings can be easily disassembled and relocated to a new location if necessary.

An industrial consultant can help organizations save cost in infrastructure projects in several ways:

Process optimization: An industrial consultant can review existing processes and procedures to identify areas where improvements can be made, such as reducing waste, streamlining operations, and increasing productivity.

Cost reduction: An industrial consultant can help organizations identify and implement cost-saving measures, such as reducing energy consumption, negotiating better pricing with suppliers, and improving inventory management.

Equipment and technology selection: An industrial consultant can help organizations evaluate and select the most cost-effective equipment and technology for a project. They can also help organizations to identify new and innovative technologies that can save cost in the long run.

Supply chain management: An industrial consultant can help organizations optimize their supply chain to reduce costs, such as identifying new suppliers, implementing just-in-time inventory systems, and improving logistics.

Project management: An industrial consultant can help organizations to manage projects more efficiently, with a focus on meeting project milestones, managing budgets and schedules, and minimizing project risks.

Regulatory compliance: An industrial consultant can help organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulations that apply to infrastructure projects, and ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, which will help to avoid penalties and fines.

Procurement: An industrial consultant can help organizations to negotiate with vendors and suppliers to get the best deal and lower costs. They can also evaluate and recommend the best vendors based on their experience and knowledge of the industry

Architectural design is important for several reasons:

It shapes the built environment: The design of a building can greatly impact the functionality, safety, and aesthetic of the surrounding area.

It can affect the well-being of inhabitants: Good architectural design can improve the physical and mental health of the people who use the space.

It reflects culture and society: Architecture is a reflection of the values, beliefs, and aspirations of a particular culture or society.

It impacts the economy: Good architectural design can attract tourism, investment, and business, which can boost the local economy.

It can be sustainable: Sustainable design can reduce the environmental impact of buildings and improve energy efficiency.

It can improve accessibility: Good architectural design can improve accessibility for people with disabilities and the elderly.

It has a long-term impact: The design of a building will affect its inhabitants and the surrounding area for decades or even centuries.

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