How to identify a location for highway
restaurant in India

India is a vast and diverse country, with a vast network of highways connecting cities and towns. For travellers, highway restaurants are a popular stopover for refreshments and meals during their journeys. If you are planning to set up a highway restaurant in India, it is essential to identify the right location to attract travellers and ensure profitability. Here are some tips on how to identify the right location for a highway restaurant in India.

Identify high-traffic areas

The first step to identifying the right location for a highway restaurant is to identify high-traffic areas. Look for highways that connect major cities and towns and have a high volume of traffic. Some of the busiest highways in India include National Highway 8 (NH-8), National Highway 48 (NH-48), National Highway 44 (NH-44), and National Highway 27 (NH-27).

Consider accessibility

The location of your highway restaurant should be easily accessible to travellers. Look for a location that is visible from the highway, with a clear signboard that is easy to read from a distance. The restaurant should also be easy to access from the highway, with ample parking space for cars, buses, and trucks.

Look for competition

While it is essential to set up a highway restaurant in a high-traffic area, you should also consider the competition. Look for areas where there are not many restaurants, or where the existing restaurants do not offer the same cuisine or quality of food. This will give your restaurant a unique selling proposition and help you attract more customers.

Check local demographics

The local demographics of the area where you plan to set up your highway restaurant can also influence its success. Look for areas with a high population of travellers, such as tourists, truck drivers, and commuters. Also, consider the local cuisine and food preferences of the area. You may need to modify your menu to cater to the local taste buds.

Evaluate the infrastructure

The infrastructure of the area where you plan to set up your highway restaurant is also crucial. Check for access to water, electricity, and other essential amenities. You should also consider the condition of the road and ensure that the area is safe for travelers.

Seek advice from experts

Finally, seek advice from experts in the hospitality industry who have experience in setting up and running highway restaurants. They can offer valuable insights into the location, menu, pricing, and other factors that can influence the success of your restaurant.

Seek advice from experts


In conclusion, identifying the right location for a highway restaurant in India requires careful planning and research. By considering factors such as high-traffic areas, accessibility, competition, local demographics, and infrastructure, and seeking advice from experts, you can increase your chances of success and profitability.

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