Why Steel?

Sure, There's a difference. Steel is better!


Construction Cost

A Typical built steel framed building is Cost-effective in comparison to a concrete building, and in many cases, depending on design, much lower.



The walls of a Steel building will be straight and plumb forever. Steel framing has long been recognized in commercial construction for its strength and resistant qualities.


With the strength of the steel

A steel-framed building will have a lower maintenance cost, strong and stable for the life of the building because steel is strong, dimensionally stable, and straight.

10 reasons why it is time for steel-framed Building

  • Labour savings: Prefabricated, assembles like an erector set.
  • The structure is built in 1/3 the time of Conventional Construction.
  • Environmentally friendly: over 66% of steel is recycled.
  • Safer in fires: will not add fuel to fire and will not collapse as easily as wood does.
  • Stronger: Standard building, engineered for 100 MPH winds. (Higher-strength available).
  • Flexibility: 100 home models available in standard; 11,000+ home designs available. Any home that you can build with wood can be built with steel, just better.
  • Termite resistant.
  • Steel will not bow, twist or warp, every piece is straight and dimensionally stable, thus straight, plumb walls are quickly and easily achieved.
  • Design, engineering, and the constant quality of building are assured, as each unit is produced in an industrial facility, versus the instability of the job site.
  • Each building is designed, engineered, and manufactured in compliance with the most stringent Building Codes.

The Benefits of Steel are Significant

Light gauge steel framing has emerged as the most feasible alternative building material and cost-efficient for residential and light commercial construction. Here are some of the numerous benefits of using light gauge steel in construction.


General Benefits

  • DIMENSIONALLY STABLE does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep. No nail pops. Does not expand or contract with moisture content.
  • TERMITE PROOF can’t be damaged by insects.
  • HIGHEST STRENGTH-TO-WEIGHT RATIO of any building material.
  • NON-COMBUSTIBLE will not contribute fuel to the spread of fire.
  • RECYCLED material is used in our steel.

The Builder Benefits

  • CONSISTENT material quality – straight walls, straight roof lines, square corners, fewer callbacks.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL selling and green positioning.

The Building owner Benefits

  • HIGH STRENGTH results in safer structures.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, slow ageing of the structure.
  • FIRE SAFETY & protection against termites.
  • LOWER probability of foundation problems.
  • LOWER probability of damage in high winds.
  • STRONGER connections, bolted, riveted vs. nails.

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